​​​​Affordability of Keratoconus Treatments

Exploring affordability of Keratoconus Treatments becomes a priority when you decide to halt keratoconus and improve vision. There are three ways to bridge the gap. If you pay premium for insurance that option should be investigated first.

Cash is king and will get you the options you require. For those who do not have readily available dollars, No interest financing might be a choice. You will need to meet the requirements of the financial institution.

Affordability of Keratoconus Treatments by using Insurance

Vision Insurance

There are many kinds of insurances in USA. It is a confusing landscape. One of our goals is to clear  confusion, so that you can direct your attention to your treatment. There are two broad categories of insurance. Vision insurance like VSP, Spectera, and Eyemed. Vision insurances are a misnomer.They do not pay for any surgical options to improve vision. They pay for glasses and some simple contact lenses. VSP, Spectera, Davis do not cover treatment of keratoconus by cornea cross linking, intacs nor ICL.

Medical insurance

Medical Insurance are the ones like Aetna, UHC and Cigna. They may be PPO or HMO. Augmented to this is some coverage by most insurance companies, most coverage by some insurance companies and sometimes entire reimbursement. As a general rule of thumb HMO do not cover most treatments. PPO are more likely to cover procedures to halt keratoconus and enhance vision. The best chances to get the coverage with a PPO medical insurance company are as follows:

Step 1: Exam by a Los Angeles keratoconus expert like Dr. Khanna. This includes corneal color topography, pachymetry map, slit lamp exam and refraction.

Step 2: Precertification with an insurance company becomes a prerequisite.Coverage may be requested  only for FDA approved surgical keratoconus treatments. they do not cover surgical procedures for keratoconus like epi on cross linking.

Step 3: CXl or Intacs by a reputable Board Certified Keratoconus surgeon

Step 4: Submitting the calim with a copy of the operative report highlighting use of approved technology.

Affordability of Keratoconus Treatment by 0% Financing

If you don’t have insurance, you need not worry.We provide easy monthly installments with no money down and NO INTEREST for upto 36 months. Hence Affordability of Keratoconus Treatments can be achieved. You can apply here for loan for keratoconus treatment. You could get the approval for loan even before you come in. Or you can fill the application while in office. If you don’t have good credit you will require a cosignee.

Affordability of Keratoconus Treatment for out of town people

A For people coming from different parts of the country, precertification can be obtained by obtaining their medical records from their treating eye care specialist. These eye doctors usually do not perform treatment of keratoconus and are happy to refer their patients to a keratoconus expert, in the best interest of their patients.


To obtain clearance for your keratoconus surgery a keratoconus expert needs to review the clinical history with vision data, corneal colored maps called corneal topography, Pachymetry maps and a history showing decrease of vision. Intolerance to contact lenses, poor vision with glasses and frequent change in glasses are usually present. Please send these documents with a nominal processing fee before booking your air tickets. Once an approval is obtained from the insurance company copay, deductible, coinsurance can all be discussed. So help for your treatment is close by. After your precertification is obtained we will facetime/ skype with you to dispel your fears about keratoconus treatment options.

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