Affordibility of Keratoconus Treatments

Medical Insurance options for treatment of Keratoconus in Los Angeles

There are many kinds of insurances in USA. It is a confusing landscape and one of our goals is clear as much confusion as possible so that our keratoconus expert can keep focus on the treatment of you eyes. There are two broad categories of insurance. Vision insurance like VSP, Spectera, and Eyemed. These do not cover treatment of keratoconus by surgery. Medical insurances like Aetna, UHC and Cigna cover surgical procedures for keratoconus by a Los Angeles keratoconus expert like Dr. Khanna.

Augmented to this is some coverage by most insurance companies, most coverage by some insurance companies and sometimes entire reimbursement for FDA approved keratoconus treatments. Precertification with an insurance company becomes a prerequisite. For people coming from different parts of the country, precertification can be obtained by obtaining their medical records from their treating eye care specialist. These eye doctors usually do not perform treatment of keratoconus and are happy to refer their patients to a keratoconus expert, in the best interest of their patients.

To obtain clearance for your keratoconus surgery a keratoconus expert needs to review the clinical history with vision data, corneal colored maps called corneal topography, Pachymetry maps and a history showing decrease of vision. Intolerance to contact lenses, poor vision with glasses and frequent change in glasses are usually present. Please send these documents with a nominal processing fee before booking your air tickets. Once an approval is obtained from the insurance company copay, deductible, coinsurance can all be discussed. So help for your treatment is close by. After your precertification is obtained we can even skype with you to dispel your fears about keratoconus treatment options.

If you dont have insurance, you need not worry. Other option is loan for keratoconus treatment. To keep up to date with latest options please subscribe to our Keratoconus newsletter.