Age above 45 years

Keratoconus eye disease mimics human growth. The pattern of progression is a reflection of our growth spurts. As we age the fires in the cornea get naturally cross linked. This slows or even halts the deterioration of  continued bulging of the cornea. This relief is welcome.

Cross Linking is not very effective in people above forty five years of age. As we read above the fires have already linked naturally. There is not much fires which may be further linked to strengthen the cornea.

Intacs are beneficial to optically correct the misshapen cornea.

Phakic Intraocular collamer implants may be inserted to improve the vision of there is high amount of nearsightedness. This procedure can be done in combination with Intacs.

If a person is above fifty years or more than  Presbyopic Implants may be preferred compared to ICL.

Any residual astigmatism may be treated with  PARK (Photoastigmatic Refractive Keratotomy)

There may be many combination of procedures to correct the vision and reverse the effects of Keratoconus.