Age between 25 – 45 years

This is an interesting time in the life of individual. Finishing studies, job, marriage and even relocation, Responsibilities for decision making shift from parents to oneself. For a lot of keratoconus patients this may be the first time they realize they have keratoconus, The contact lens they were used to no longer work and affect work which requires most of waking hours. New parents wake up  to comfort their crying kids and long for clear vision.

Intacs corneal ring segments

Intacs corneal ring segments is rhe first line of intervention in the age group of twenty five to forty five years age group. The main need is to see better. Intacs improve the optics of the cornea and the eye. This effect of intacs insertion  can be start within twenty four hours. There is a decreased in higher order aberrations. Glare, haloes, fuzziness are lessened. You may once again be able to drive at night. Strain at work and on computers is diminished. You can concentrate on your life. People may resume sports activities like Baseball, Tennis and Swimming.

Corneal Collagen Cross Linking

Cross Linking  is needed if progression of bulge of cornea is detected on serial examination. Every six to twelve months a keratoconus specialist will check corneal thickness with OCT or optical coherence tomography. This expert will also do  a color corneal topography. If there is a loss of corneal tissue as demonstrated by the thinning on OCT or more than one diopter increase in corneal curvature, cross linking intervention may be beneficial.

 Photoastigmatic Refractive Keratotomy (PARK)

PARK is a type of laser vision correction. Please remember, if you suffer from keratoconus LASIK is not an option. Surface laser vision correction to treat residual astigmatism may enhance the vision.

Implantable Collamer Lens  (ICL)

This is a quick procedure where a thin artificial lens is implanted between the colored part of the eye and the natural lens. Implantable Collamer Lens can correct high levels of myopia. It can be used in conjugation with cxl and intacs.


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