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Earlier detection of keratoconus disease using corneal color topography, and computerized thickness mapping or Pachymetry has helped a lot. This has led to development of new keratoconus treatments. New keratoconus treatments include collagen corneal cross linking, laser treatment of keratoconus to create channels or shape the cornea for transplant, Intacs and Dalk.

A keratoconus doctor can now offer treatment for as young as ten years to patients above sixty. Rajesh Khanna, MD is a keratoconus specialist and a Keratoconus surgeon. It is recommended that a person diagnosed with keratoconus consult with a Keratoconus surgeon immediately. Some patients get confused and see a keratoconus contact lens specialist who cannot do surgical intervention. Valuable time may be lost. Eligible patients may miss the window for ideal treatment.

Please see a keratoconus expert before you develop corneal scars from contact lenses or cornea becomes too thin and bursts open.For your convenience we offer keratoconus screenings in various cities of Los Angeles County like Encino, Inglewood, Los Angeles, Marina Del Ray and Valencia, San Berdino county residents can be screened for keratoconus in Ontario and Riverside center is the option for Riverside county.Keratoconus patients from Orange county have a choice of Newport Beach or Cerritos.Westlake Village keratoconus center caters to people from Ventura county. Beverly Hills keratoconus center offers corneal collagen cross linking.

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