affordingCXLand Intacs

How can you ensure you get the best treatment in the world for your most important sense organs, and yet not have to rob a bank. The answer comes in easy monthly installments. Keratoconus treatment monthly payment plan is especially helpfulfor patients who do not have insurance or whose insurance does not cover the procedure. How all this will change with Obamacare will soon be clear. But remember Khannacares and that is more important than Obamacare!

There are two ways to approach the monthly plan. One is to ask your credit card card compnay to advance you a low interest loan. Some will even give a 0% APR for a fixed time while you undergo your keratoconus treatment. Second more commonly used method for Corneal cross linking payments is to turn to an agency specilaizing in keratoconus treatment financing. The most popular one is Care Credit. They can advance 24 month no interest money to people with good credit.

Finally, if credit is bad and you have exhausted funding from friends and family you can turn to crowdfunding. Thesemicrofunding sites allow you to post your story on their websites. People with charitable intent would than donate money towards your treatment with intacs or CXL. Please join our newsletter to learn more.

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