​​​​Los Angeles Cross Linking Surgery

In Los Angeles cross linking surgery is now available to halt progression of Keratoconus eye disease and post lasik ectasia. We are talking of FDA approved procedure.

Eye health is so important to the quality of your life. You want to make sure that your eyes are in the best condition possible so that you can live the life that you want to live. Sometimes, this is not entirely possibly but there are often treatments that can help you if something ends up going wrong. There are many different conditions that can affect the eye, and this is why catching these conditions early can help you. There are many eye doctors in the Los Angeles area that you can turn to for your annual eye exams to make sure that your eyes are in the best condition possible.

One such condition that can affect the eyes is keratoconus. This is a progressive eye disease that can be seen in people as early as the age of ten. If this condition is in your family, it is wise to start yearly specialized eye exams when the child turns 10. Normally, the cornea is a round shape. In keratoconus, the cornea will begin to thin and start to bulge into a shape that resembles a cone. As a result of this shape, the light gets deflected as it enters the eye on the way to the retina. This will then cause distorted vision. There is no exact science that can help predict how quickly or how slowly this disease will progress. Some symptoms of keratoconus are blurred vision, glare and halos at night, and streaking of lights.

Los Angeles cross linking surgery

There are different treatment options available for keratoconus in Los Angeles. One first step of treatment is to receive new eyeglasses. There are also some special contact lenses that can also help vision. If this does not work, you can move onto other treatment methods. One such treatment option is corneal collagen crosslinking. There are two different types of Los Angeles corneal collagen crosslinking: epithelium off and transepithelial corneal crosslinking (epithelium on). In the epithelium off procedure, the covering of the eye’s surface is removed, which can allow for faster penetration with liquid riboflavin. Riboflavin is essential in this type of treatment because it can help to strengthen the eye’s clear surface. In the transepithelial version of this procedure, the corneal epithelial surface remains intact. This will lengthen the amount of time that it takes for the riboflavin to be absorbed. This can be used with other technologies and treatments in order to maximize the results of keratoconus treatments.

If you think that you may have this eye disease, you should get an eye exam in order to get a diagnosis as soon as possible. If you do receive this diagnosis, you will need a Keratoconus doctor that has the specialized training and knowledge that can help you get the right treatments to try to slow down the progression of this disease. The key is to catch this disease early in order to save your vision and be able to keep your vision for longer. Treatments for keratoconus are always improving and have made great advances especially within recent years.

Los Angeles cross linking surgery may be an option for you. Its important you select a good Los Angeles Keratoconus Doctor.

In Los Angeles cross linking surgery is offered at our two flagship locations - Beverly Hills and Westlake Village. They are state of the art surgery suites. We also have screening locations in Los Angeles and Ventura County. 

You may not be aware but medical insurance may cover partially or fully the expense of your cross linking eye procedure. Please send us your latest medical records of eye so that our staff can you pre approved for the surgery.

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