Let us meet Keratoconus Expert Rajesh Khanna, MD. Once we get to know him better it would be easier to trust our eyes to him. Thousands of people from all over the world have chosen him to help them see better.

Keratoconus Doctor

Keratoconus Doctor-Rajesh Khanna, MD

1.Passion and caring: We know that cornea crosslinking, cornea transplant Intacs are FDA approved and are manufactured by Addition technology with an office in Illinois. They require every surgeon to undergo a didactic training program. A lab with surgery on non human eyes is conducted. Proctoring is essential on first human cases. Similarly, a trained CXL expert can only impart knowledge to a eye doctor wanted to perform cornea cross linking. Rajesh Khanna MD is an expert on the only FDA approved Avedro cornea collagen cross linking with Photrexa/ KXL system.

5. Experience and Skill in Management of Keratoconus. The surgeon you will entrust your vision to should have performed numerous surgical treatments of keratoconus. Evidence of this would be in you tube video testimonials, written testimonials, and online reviews from previous keratoconus patients. Dr. Khanna has been performing eye surgery for over two decades. As a keratoconus expert he has helped hundreds of keratoconus patients achieve better vision and return to active lifestyle.

6. Knowledge of Research of keratoconus eye disease. An expert in Keratoconus has to be upto date with the latest clinical and laboratory research in the subject of keratoconus. Around the world people are researching into causes and treatment of keratoconus. One procedure cannot fix all. Therefore rather than only focusing on or inventing one type of treatment, he needs to be aware of various newer approaches. He has to follow the research so that you can save your time avoiding doing it. He has to use his judgment to see which of the newer modalities will turn out to be good. In the United States its important to work with FDA. Non FDA approaches are not considered to be the right tactic. as will be evident from this website, the apps on keratoconus and the book on Keratoconus available on amazon, Keratoconus Doctor Dr.Khanna is aware and incorporates the latest research on Keratoconus emanating from around the world.

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Keratoconus Expert serving Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Ventura  and surrounding areas.

A recognized Los Angeles Keratoconus Expert and master in the filed of corneal cross linking Rajesh Khanna, MD is available to help you attain better vision and halt the progression of your cornea. Labeled an expert in Keratoconus, he is passionate to restore an active lifestyle to you.