​​​​Best treatment for keratoconus

We are often asked what is the best treatment for keratoconus eye disease. Lets explore what this question really means and how to arrive at an objective answer. It is important to understand the question before we jump to an answer.

Best treatment for keratoconus for my eyes

Here the person is enquiring how the eye can be restored to a normal shape and prevent the progression of the pathology. The goal here is to prevent the eye from getting worse. Once the shape is normal the person may revert to soft contact lenses, even though they may have required hard lenses.

Best treatment for keratoconus for my lifestyle and work

This patient is really saying this horrible disease is affecting my livelihood. Help me restore my vision so that I can be a functional member of society. I need to work to support my family. I want to overcome depression. I am worried I may have to change my profession like Dentist, EMT etc.

Best treatment for halting progression of keratoconus

FDA approved Keratoconus Expert surgeon.

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