​​​​Cornea Keratoconus Treatment

Cornea Keratoconus Treatment can help save vision. Sight is very important and so is early intervention.The only Cornea Keratoconus Treatment proven to halt progression of Keratoconus eye disorder is Cornea collagen cross linking with riboflavin. If you want to improve night driving by decreasing glare and haloes intacs corneal ring segments may be considered. Finally near sightedness may be treated with Implantable collamer lens. Residual astigmatism can be treated with laser vison correction in selected cases.

Deploying Cornea treatment for Keratoconus can help save vision. This leads to a more productive life. As you may know keratoconus is a sight threatening visual disorder. What youngsters may be ignorant of is the fact that it may force keratoconus sufferers to abandon their careers. Lets read actual posts from real people.

Cornea keratoconus Treatment to Halt Progression 

If you think glasses or even contact lenses can halt progression of keratoconus eye disease you are mistaken. No rigid lens nor scleral lens can make the cornea stronger. So what how can we make the cornea more powerful? Excercising our muscles make them bulge and strong. The same does not apply to cornea. The only cornea keratoconus treatment that can increase the rigidity of cornea is cornea collage cross linking with riboflavain.


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 I practiced for 7 years after graduation, then my left eye required corneal transplant. The result of the surgery was not the best, I ended up with a huge astigmatism even with wearing contact lenses, the Keratoconus in my right eye was more stable. My wife, who is a dentist too, started to noticed that I was missing details when I was reading dental xrays (fortunately she cashed them) Also I had days I couldn’t war my contact lenses. We analyze the ethical, financiall and legal factors that this situation entails and decided the the best solution was for me to retire

These actual statements by keratoconus patients display the need for proper education on cornea keratoconus treatment modalities.Lack of education, misinformation and economic problems are the main reason for keratoconus patients not seeking the right treatment for their eyes.

Cornea Keratoconus Treatment to improve night vision

Intacs lift and stretch the fallen cone of the cornea. This decreases the higher order aberrations. Hence quality of vision can get improved.

cornea keratoconus treatment

I was a paramedic for over 20 years before my KC got too bad. I had to give it up. It is not right for me to put my pts at risk because I can not see the meds or ekg right.

 A former paramedic keratoconus patient 

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Nearsightedness decreased by ICL Cornea Keratoconus Treatment

If despite cxl and intacs you are nearsighted consider ICL. If you are already above 40 you can choose ICL even before having cxl or intacs.

The education on cornea keratoconus treatment begin here...

If you are a teenager, even if you have an iota of progression you need to get cornea collagen crosslinking for cornea. If you want to play it real safe don't even wait for progression. Have cross linking with riboflavin right away. This allows you to halt keratooconus at the time where it can do maximum damage. Evidence from Europe over the last decade has shown the protective nature of this treatment. Lets be careful though. Only conventional epi off cornea cross linking is FDA approved. Epi on (its variations by colorful names) are not deemed as safe and efficacious as Classification of stage of Keratoconus helps in treatment planning. The specialist would have the access to the latest technology which can help you lead a useful productive life. Other options we will discuss include laser assisted intacs implantion in corneal channels, Visian ICL.

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