​​​​cross corneal linking – Frequently asked questions

Considering cross corneal linking or C3R? Here are a list of cross-corneal-linking-frequently-asked-questions

Patient Guide to keratoconus management with cornea collagen x linking

How is keratoconus treated?

Keratoconus may be surgically treated with corneal-collagen-cross-linking This is the only known method to halt the progress of keratoconus eye disease.

Intacs corneal ring segments can decrease the night time glare and haloes.

Visian ICL can treat high myopia avoiding thick hard contact lens. It may improve vision as the icl sits closer to the nodal point than glasses or contact lense.

What are my treatment options, and which do you recommend?

C3R cornea collagen cross linking with riboflavin, ICL, Intacs or PIE alone or in combination may be required to acieve optimal result. Age, refraction and corneal shape and thinness are factors in determining the customized treatment.

What treatment options are covered by insurance?

Only FDA approved technology and cures are covered by medical insurance. This includes Avedro cross linking, Intacs ring segments. Each plan is different. We help yoou by getting treatment precertified.

Is the procedure that you are recommending FDA approved or investigational?

They are FDA approved. INfact only Avedro c3R is FDA approved. No other efroms of cornea cross linking are FDA approved. Intacs are the only FDA approved ring segments.

If the procedure you are recommending is not FDA approved, am I being enrolled in a clinical study?

No you are not.

Is it true some malpractice insurance are not covering doctors performing cross corneal linking?

OMIC and other insurances do not cover non FDA approved technologies. EPi on cross linking is NOT FDA approved.

Getting to know the Keratoconus Expert

Are you a Board Certified Ophthalmologist?


Have you been fellowship trained in Cornea?

Yes, From University of Cincinnati

How long have you been performing cornea cross linking with Riboflavin?

Nearly 7 years

Do you have experience in combined intacs insertion cornea collagen cross linking?

Yes with good results.

Are you considered a Keratoconus expert?

Yes, as I have been treating Keratoconus eye disease for over two decades. Implanting intacs for over a decade.

Have you managed any complications?

Yes have managed intacs extrusion, infections, edema and more

Will I need contacts or eyeglasses after the procedure?

You may or may not depending on your current refraction and the procedure employed.

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