​​​​FDA approved Avedro Corneal collagen cross-linking

FDA approved Avedro Corneal collagen cross-linking is available at our institute.  This is an epitheliumoff procedure based on the original Dresden protocol. This is considered as the gold standard in treatment of keratoconus eye disease. Dresden,Germany is the place where the procedure was invented and the first successful studies completed.

Avedro is a Boston based company which has worked tirelessly to bring relief to the people suffering from Keratoconus bulging eyes. They invested a lot of time and effort to proceed with FDA trials. The hardwork bore fruit for passionate keratoconus surgeons, patients and families.

It can now be legally performed in surgical suites of physicians.

The skinny on FDA approved Avedro Corneal collagen cross-linking

Approval: 1. For progressive keratoconus eye disease 2. Post Lasik ectasia

Requirements: 1. Central cornea thickness be more than 400 microns 2. Age be between 14 to 65 years

Details : The Riboflavin is two types Photrexa Dextran Viscous and Photrexa hypovolemic.

Photrexa viscous is used first. If at the end of soaking the cornea is thinner than 400 microns the hypotonic Photrexa is instilled in rapid succession. This swells up the cornea.

KXL System : It is the UV A radiation delivery of Avedro approved by FDA

KXL and Photrexa can only be used with each other.

Insurance Coverage : Only FDA approved procedure can be covered by your medical insurance.

The same is true for C3R . Avedro is covered by malpractice insurance like OMIC as well as medical Insurance like Blue Cross.

Clinical trials are covered by omic but cannot claim insurance reimbursement. Black box or non approved devices are not covere by OMIC

Hope this clears up a lot of confusion. Now lets clear up the vision. Call the Keratoconus treatment expert _ Rajesh Khanna MD

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