​​​​intacs surgery

Intacs surgery is performed to improve the vision in patients suffering from keratoconus eye disorder. This is different than corneal cross linking.

What are Intacs?

Intacs are Conrea ring segments made from PMMA> They are FDA approved

How is Intacs Surgery performed?

The older less accurate method uses a mechanical instrument. The latest technology utilizes a femto second laser to make a intracorneal channel at a precise depth. This depth is caluclated based on the pachymetry map and the refraction.

Indications of Intacs surgery

  1. Keratoconus or pellucid margin degeneration.
  2. Higher order aberration
  3. Desire to see better
  4. Intolerant to contact lenses

Contraindications of Intacs procedure

  1. Central corneal scar
  2. Cornea thickness less than 450 microns at insertion

Recovery after intacs surgery

recovery is quick and patient can return to work in a few days. Some cornea discomfort may be expected.


Can my friends see intacs in my eye ?

No the intacs are microscopic. They are smaller than a dime. The doctor has to use a slit lamp microscope to visualize them.

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