​​​​Keratoconus Cure with Famous people Celebrities Fight Eye Disease

Keratoconus cure may not be far off. We have atleast learnt to halt the progression of keratoconus eye disease with cxl. Cxl or cornea collagen cross linking with riboflavin abbreviated to C3 R has been effective in arresting keratoconus eye disease.

We also need to focus on how to overcome the depilating side effects of this vision threatening malady. We turn to famous sportspersons and celebrities who have reached the top in their filed. They are an inspiration to us to proceed with life.


Here we have Tommy Pham who suffers from Keratoconus. He is of African-American and Vietnamese-American heritage. He is one of the two players of Vietnamese descent in Major League Baseball. He did not let keratoconus own him. He can track pitches and slam them. 

If you want to do better in sports consult  a keratoconus surgeon

With modern options like cornea cross linking, intacs and scleral lenses you may cure the malady of depression pushing you down.


keratoconus_Cure_Matthew Colwell-Rapper

Who do we have here? A cure for boredom. Matthew Colwell-Rapper known by his stage name 360. What you see is what you get has made him famous. But first he had to cure his thoughts affected by improper vision due to keratoconus.

Lets emulate him. Lets improve our lives while we find a permanent cure. Lets halt keratoconus with fda approved cross linking of the cornea.

Before a keratoconus cure can be achieved the disease and its effects need to be understood. We have created a simple quiz to help in learning more. Feel free to take this quiz and give feedback.

Another famous person who helped in the fight for Keratoconus cure was Steve Holocomb. He won olympic gold medals for bob sledding. We regret to inform  he passed away in 2017. 

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