​​​​keratoconus surgeon

Keratoconus surgeon is a surgeon who has specialized in the surgical treatment of keratoconus eye disease. Not every keratoocnus eye doctor is a surgeon. For example optometrists can manage keratoconus with contact lens. they are not surgeons. Conversely not all eye surgeons are keratoconus surgeons.

Keratoconus surgeon

Keratoconus surgeon should be a good listener

Living with keratoconus may be a nightmare for some. A dentist may have to stop doing fillings. EMT may feel unsafe in performing his job. Keratoconus can impact patients differently. A good keratoconus surgeon should have empathy. He should listen to the problems as the the solutions may have to be outside the box.

Keratoconus surgeon is a highly trained cornea specialist

Once four years of medical school are over a doctor undergoes 12 months of internship. Another 36 months of residency in an accredited residency program allows the doctor to become an eye surgeon. He/She still must get board certified by certified in cross linking and intacs implant procedure. Finally skill and experience make the doc an expert keratoconus surgeon.

Post lasik ectasia behaves like keratoconus. So a keratoconus expert is the best to manage bulging eyes after lasik eye surgery.



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