October 16

Keratoconus Treatment Beverly Hills

Are you looking for Keratoconus Treatment Beverly Hills ?

We have learn in previous pages of this website on the keratoconus subject that c3R is helpful to halt Keratoconus. Cornea keratoconus treatment  with c3 R or cornea collagen crosslinking with Riboflavin can impede the progression of this vision devastating disease. Hence it can help one lead a more productive life.

On TV and online one may see numerous ads for various forms of cross linking. Remember to seek the best and FDA approved

Keratoconus Treatment Beverly Hills

In Beverly hills keratoconus treatment is performed at our center with FDA approved technology of Avedro. There are other machines which are not FDA approved like Peschke, Lightmed, and more. These can put your eyes at risk. Please ask your Beverly Hills keratoocnus treatment provider the machine they are employing. Make sure the UVA machine and the Riboflavin is FDA approved.

As of October 2017 Only KXL/Photrexa combination is FDA approved. Would you be a guniea pig in an experimental setting or would you rather have trusted and approved cxl treatment by a Avedro certified Keratoconus professional?

The choice is yours. You have one pair of eyes. Trust one name – Dr.Khanna


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