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Got Keratoconus?

You have come to the right place if you are searching for solutions for keratoconus eye disease. We are all encompassing home

for keratoconus management whatever your age or state of your disease. We will hold your hands as we educate you about what exactly is keratoconus eye disease and treatment options.

Get to understand the genetics and aggravating factors. Learn the importance of screening family members -siblings and kids. You would be amazed to read how many other people have similar symptoms as you. You will realize you are not alone. Even celebrities share your stories.

Pictures and videos will document the signs though out this website on keratoconus. Educational videos will supplement the written word.

When is medical management like glasses and contact lens sufficient. The role of specialty contact lenses like scleral contact lenses will be explored.

Understand how to halt the progression of progressive keratoconus and post lasik ectasia with FDA approved episode off cornea cross linking with riboflavin. Gain confidence as you learn why this protocol is better than the non FDA approved transepithelial method. We will also explain the recovery process and alert you to the possible complications.

Intacs corneal ring segments have a role in special cases. See if it is the right technology for you.

Making the procedure of intacs and cross linking affordable.

When you get confident to have a procedure do not let money stand in the way. We will help you get maximum possible coverage for your cross linking procedure. If you have high deductible or no insurance we offer no interest affordable monthly payment options. You can apply for them from the comfort of your home.


Welcome To The Keratoconus Treatment Center

A new hope.

Earlier detection of keratoconus disease using corneal color topography, and computerized thickness mapping or Pachymetry has helped a lot. This has led to development of new keratoconus treatments. New keratoconus treatments include collagen corneal cross linking, laser treatment of keratoconus to create channels or shape the cornea for transplant, Intacs and Dalk.

A keratoconus doctor can now offer treatment for as young as ten years to patients above sixty. Rajesh Khanna, MD is a keratoconus specialist and a Keratoconus surgeon. It is recommended that a person diagnosed with keratoconus consult with a Keratoconus surgeon immediately. Some patients get confused and see a keratoconus contact lens specialist who cannot do surgical intervention. Valuable time may be lost. Eligible patients may miss the window for ideal treatment.



It is not only about the disease of keratoconus. Its about taking control of your life again. I am happy I chose Dr. Khanna a skilled Keratoconus surgeon who is willing to listen to the difficulties in living with keratoconus. He helped me with solutions which saved my job.


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