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New Keratoconus treatments are now being offered to halt the progress of Keratoconus eye disorder. This website is dedicated to patient suffering from keratoconus looking for a way to fight and overcome the disease and its manifestations. We are proud to present findings from the latest research efforts to diagnose and treat keratoconus. KC or Keratoconus eye disease has troubled a lot of kids and adults affecting their lifestyle and even their livelihood. We have cured polio and smallpox. The time to cure Keratoconus is here!

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Learn about the latest procedures to halt the progression of keratoconus and overcome disabilities caused by it.

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New keratoconus treatment – FDA approved Avedro cornea cross linking

Latest to get approved by FDA is the Avedro cornea cross linking with riboflavin ( KXL/Photrexa). This epi off classical cornea collagen cross linking is based on the original Dresden protocol. Safety and efficacy has been documented for this system. 

CCCR or cornea collagen cross linking with riboflavin is indicated for progressive keratoconus eye disease or post lasik ectasia. It stiffens the cornea increasing its ability to resist the pressure within the eye.

Evidence based studies have led to certain conclusions listed below. Links are provided to understand the peer reviewed literature.

  1. Epioff or epithelium off cornea collagen cross linking is more effective than epi on cross linking.
  2. Conventional treatment of 30 minute soak and 30 minute exposure to UV A radiation gives the best outcomes.
  3. Deepest corneal cross linking complications.

    FDA approved Laser assisted Intacs corneal ring implants – new keratoconus treatment

    These plastic ring segments have to be inserted at a precise depth and axis. The accuracy is increased when a femtosecond laser is used to carve the channels. Many studies have documented the precision of the femtosecond laser channels over the older cheaper mechanical or prolate method. A keratoconus surgeon has to anlayze the vision, refraction, pachymetry distribution and color topography to come up with a treatment plan. The keratoocnus expert can decide the number of impants (1 or 2), the size and the position of the corneal segments.

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  Keratoconus survivor


I am so glad I underwent the cornea cross linking procedure. The doc made it so simple. I was even able to listen to my fave music while we crushed Keratoconus eye disease with new treatment.

Yes your Medical Insurance should cover the new keratoconus treatment procedures

We will work with your insurance company to get you pre approved. We need to perform a detailed exam including a depth map of your cornea and colored shape map. All this data is transmitted through special channels to get a pre certification done. It is our understanding only FDA approved new keratoconus treatment technology can be authorized by the insurance companies. Study participants cannot be covered by insurance.

Staar Visian Implantable Collamner Lens (ICL)

New cutting edge technologies combined together can do wonders for visual improvement. A soft biocompatible

lens inserted over the natural lens can improve high myopia. This can make the difference in seeing and getting back to work.

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