December 19

Treatments for keratoconus

Treatments for keratoconus eye disorder have increased the benefits to patients. There are medical and surgical interventions available. Lets discuss new treatments for keratoconus.


  1. Glasses
  2. Soft contact lenses
  3. Toric contact lens
  4. Rigid gas permeable contacts
  5. Specialty contact lenses for keratoconus eyes – Rose K/Hybrid
  6. Scleral Contact Lens


  1. Cornea cross linking with riboflavin
  2. Intacs corneal ring segment
  3. Visian implantable collamer lens
  4. Toric implants
  5. Presbyopic Implants
  6. Laser vision correction for astigmatism
  7. Combinations
  8. DALK
  9. Laser corneal transplant

These new treatments for keratoconus have revolutionized the practice of keratoconus management. Twenty years ago keratoconus or bulging eyes sufferers had no option but to wear rigid contacts lens till they developed complications like hydros or scarring. At that time they waited for a corneal transplant.

In 2018 the paradigm has shifted. We want to avoid doing corneal transplant. We want to halt the progression of keratoconus eye disease. At the

Los Angeles Keratoconus surgeon can help guide you to the option best suited for your eyes. A pain free detailed corneal mapping and shape analysis done on state of the art machines helps make the determination.

New Treatment for Keratoconus eye disorder

Of note is this: of all the treatments listed the only one which can halt the progression of keratoconus eye disease is COLLAGEN CORNEAL CROSS LINKING.

The early a kid gets cxl intervention the better the chances to preserve best vision. But wait you have to be careful to get the correct type of cxl. The gold standard is epi off Dresden protocol  with 30 minutes riboflavin soak and ½ hour UVA irradiation. Don’t make compromises with your vision. Or your kids vision.


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