Vision enhancement in Keratoconus with Toric ICL, PIE, Lasek

BEST Treatment for Keratoconus for your eyes

Dr.Khanna is a cornea and refractive surgeon. He uses the latest FDA approved technologies to stop the progression of Keratoconus eye disease, as well as enhance your vision.

The path to good vision begins with a detailed history and a thorough, advanced exam. This includes documenting the power of the eye, the glasses prescription and the contact lenses. A detailed wavefront map of the power of the cornea, as well as the wavefront map of the entire eye is obtained.

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Intacs ring segment by Keratoconus Surgeon Dr khanna
Besat Treatment for Keratoconus

Age 10 to 21 years

  • Cross linking essential

  • Intacs

  • Glasses/contacts

Cornea Collagen Crosslinking with Riboflavin

Keratoconus surgeons have a dictum - "If you see a child with Keratoconus eye disease, do epithelial off cross linking with Riboflavin right away.'

Age 21 to 45 years

  • Cross linking

  • Intacs


  • PARK

CXL or C3R

The first step of corneal cross linking is to strengthen the cornea and halt the progression of further bulging of the cornea. In advanced cases, rapid intervention is essential. In early to moderate cases, the progression may be documented before doing this procedure. CXL can also be combined with Intacs in a single sitting, but this is usually only done for the patients who come from far distances.

Age above 45 years

  • pie

  • cross Linking

  •  (paRK)

  • Intacs

A permanent procedure

PIE, or presbyopic implant in the eye, can correct any error of refraction, including astigmatism. A Symfony IOL, or a Trulign IOL implant (this is more commonly used) is positioned accurately to yield an optimum, glasses free result. 

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